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Website Maintenance Services

We will keep your website updated with latest content according to your needs and your business. Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bokaro, Ranchi (Jharkhand) Digi Instiller will be checking your site for issues and errors and keeping it healthy and updated which in turn increase your traffic and streangthen SEO for ranking on Google.

Website Maintenance Company in RANCHI, Jharkhand

We at Digi Instiller, being Best Online Marketing Company in Bokaro & Dhanbad, offers complete digital marketing solutions, from Website Development to Maintenance along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC (Pay per Click) Ads and Exclusive Video Marketing.

Our main goal is to help our clients in promoting their business, engage with customers and increase sales through various internet marketing techniques. Digi Instiller Team is always available to help you reaching your goal of digital marketing to grow your business.

Page error fixing

Checking for 404 errors and fix or redirect them to other pages.

boost website speed

Check and ensure that all pages are loading without any error.

Latest Content Update

If there is any old data to be replaced, we will update it with current content.

analyse site statistics

Review your website statistical data and analytics with previous month.

Choose the perfect plan

There are many things in the package of Website Maintenance Service. You can opt for any plan which is suitable for your website. Digi Instiller Team will help you to grow your business.


Per month

  • Content Updation
  • 1 Page Addition
  • No Analytics
  • Error Fixing
  • No Addons


Per month

  • Content Updation
  • 3 Pages Addition
  • Analytics
  • Error Fixing
  • Basic Addons


Per month

  • Content Updation
  • 5 Pages Addition
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Boost Loading Speed
  • As per Needs

Frequently asked questions

Many a times, some pages of our website shows 404 Error and many other mistakes in layout and structure of the site. We will help you to fix those issues and will keep a check in future.

Any website is not developed to be static forever, the data and the content needs to be refreshed and updates as per current information and data. Also, if you need to add any extra pages, we will help you in doing so as well.

Checking the statistical data of your website on regular basis given an overview of the growth of your website in the form of traffic and the people converted to your clients. If expected results are not coming, we can implement some other measures to reach our goal.

If anyone is visiting your website and if the site is taking considerable time to load and show its contents, there is a high probability that the visitor will bounce back to another page which in turn is a great loss for you and your business. So, we will be checking regularly that your webpages are loading without any error is less time.

Yes, whichever plan you are choosing, we will provide you all the possible services to boost your website and business according to your needs with satisfactory results.

Website Maintenance is very important if you want to beat your competition and grow your business. Contact Us Now

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